Our Research Strategy


Our highly reputable and esteemed Scientific Advisory Committee has developed a national and international research strategy for our Centre of Research Excellence which prioritises projects that have the most likely impact on improved patient outcomes.

Our Five Pillars of Research


Collection and analysis of clinical data and samples from Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome patients.

It is essential to have a repository of patient data and blood and marrow samples to understand more about the patient population and facilitate and accelerate research.


Understanding the biology and environment of blood stem cells.

Knowing more about how blood stem cells develop, the factors that affect them, and drugs that can be used to improve their function can enable us to promote the healthy growth of blood cells to support the prevention and treatment of bone marrow failure.


Monitoring and understanding predictors of disease prognosis, treatment response, and disease evolution.

Understanding the indicators of disease progression and treatment response can support early intervention with more personalised or tailored treatments for patients.


Improving patient care and multidisciplinary support.

Patients and families need access to the best allied health, nursing and multidisciplinary support to receive holistic care that meets their needs.


Clinical trials.

Clinical trial platforms are essential to evaluate which treatments and interventions have the potential to improve Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome patient outcomes.

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