Dialog Box

Care Giver Information

"You cannot pour water from an empty glass, take care of yourself first"

- Unknown

In the clinical experience of our Telehealth Nurse Mei Ling Yeh, the sentiments below are often expressed from parents and caregivers:

  • “Can you please do this for me? I don’t want to  leave him/her alone in the room. He/she will be very upset if I leave.”
  • “It’s ok, I will eat later. I just don’t feel hungry at all.”
  • “I don’t need time for myself. He/she is my priority at the moment”
  • “It is ok for me at the moment, I don’t need fresh air. Just so much to do, always something scheduled with his/her treatment every day.”
  • “I would like to sleep a bit more, but you know, I just can’t. It is not only the pumps beeping all night, but also my head was spinning so much with many things happening right now.”
  • “What can we do if the treatment doesn’t work? What else I can do for him/her?”
  • “I feel helpless, I hope I can take his/her pain away.”
  • “I am so tired, but what can I do, I just need to keep going!”

It is never too selfish to give yourself some time and space. Caregivers need care for themselves too. The work of families and caregivers is enormous, and the burdens immense.

Please reach out to our Telehealth Nurse Mei Ling for support and care.