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Maddie’s Match 2017

21 Jun 2017

Maddie’s Match 2017

thank you for supporting maddie's Match 2017


On Saturday 8th July St Kilda and Richmond came together once again to bring us Maddie’s Match in a game of rivalry but one that had obvious close family ties bound by love.


Spurred on by the success of the inaugural Maddie’s Match in 2015, a crowd of over 47,000 attended this second match to celebrate the life of Maddie Riewoldt and help us continue our journey to achieve Maddie’s vision to help adolescents and young adults suffering from Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes.


Our wonderful volunteers sought donations of a purple $5 note as the crowd embraced the evening donning MRV scarves, tattoos and face paint, #FightLikeMaddie tees, purple Converse and more to create a sea of purple. It was an amazing event. The Melbourne Star turned purple, the Saints broke with tradition trading their red stripe for a purple one on their match-worn guernsey, Etihad renamed the ends of the stadium and Richmond and Saints fans alike got behind Maddie’s Vision.


Of course, we can’t remember Maddie’s Match 2017 without mentioning the game itself. Nick Riewoldt’s chest mark five minutes into the 2nd quarter saw him surpass the AFL record previously held by ruckman Gary Dempsey. His passion and purpose throughout Maddie’s Match was mirrored by his team-mates and their efforts were rewarded in a 67 point victory over Richmond.


But whilst Tiger’s fans may have been frustrated with the final score they can be extremely proud of their support of Maddie’s Vision. We’re always in awe of the support we receive from the St Kilda Football Club but we were overwhelmed this year with the support from both Richmond and St Kilda.  Through crowd attendance, direct donations, the purchase of #fightlikemaddie merchandise and all the sponsors activities surrounding the match, our fundraising result is now close to $200,000 and funds are still coming in, all bringing us yet another step closer to a cure for Bone Marrow Failure.


Although Maddie’s Match is now over you can always support Maddie’s Vision, purchasing merchandise or simply making a $5 donation to #HighFiveforMaddie. Maddie fought her battle with inspiring determination and courage and we will always put our heads down, lift our hearts and continue to #FightLikeMaddie.


  • Special purple twist to the look of the Home guernsey
  • Closest thing to what the Saints wear on game day
  • Manufacutured by X Blades

This one of a kind commemorative Guernsey was officially worn on field for 'Maddie's Match', against Richmond in Round 16.

In an initiative to raise awareness and funds for Maddie Riewoldt’s Vision, for the first time in the Saints history, the traditional red colour was switched in the tri colour for purple, Maddie’s favourite colour. The Guernsey features the traditional Saints crest on the front with the Maddie’s Vision logo on the back above the number and #FIGHTLIKEMADDIE inside the neckline. Part proceeds from the sale of the Maddie’s Match Guernsey will be donated towards Maddie’s Vision in the quest to find a cure for Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes


  • MRV purple with team stripes
  • Woven Jacquard fabric
  • Manufactured by Burley Sekem

This commemorative scarf is available for Saints supporters to remember and celebrate 'Maddie's Match', an exciting victory against Richmond in Round 16.

Maddie’s favourite colour purple is the most striking feature of the design paired with the iconic St Kilda tri colour. The scarf also features #FIGHTLIKEMADDIE, complete with both the St Kilda Football Club and Maddie’s Vision logo’s.