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Take up the Wine Lovers Challenge to support Maddie's Vision

25 Sep 2017

Take up the Wine Lovers Challenge to support Maddie's Vision

have you got what it takes to beat a master winemaker? 


We’re pleased to introduce our new partner, Winery Lane, who is offering an exciting new venture to those people who love the art of making (and drinking) wine.

The "Master versus Apprentices" Wine Lovers challenge is a unique opportunity to pit your skills against Yarra Glen’s Greenstone Vineyards, and award winning vintner Travis Bush’s 25 years experience, to develop a vintage of your own and be involved in every major decision required to produce a bottle of your very own wine.

Sign up is $250 and, experience aside, you’ll receive a boxed twin pack with a bottle of your wine and an exclusive bottle of wine created on the adjacent row by row by Travis, presented in a wooden display box, with tasting notes and that all important rating, compiled by wine critic Nick Stock who will conduct a blind tasting of the two wines.

Winery Lane is donating all profits to Maddie’s Vision from every sign up with a target of  $100,000 - all of which enables us to continue funding leading medical research to discover improved treatments for Bone Marrow Failure syndromes and ultimately, to find a cure. 

To participate in this unique opportunity and make a huge difference in the lives of those dealing with Bone Marrow Failure , simply follow this link:

Here’s to our new partnership, to the generosity of partners like Winery Lane, and the “Master versus Apprentices” challenge that is sure to be a very rewarding experience for everyone involved.