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Maddie's MarrowThon

Maddies's MarrowThon is a national fundraising and education program for schools. It's a great way to inspire students to aim for personal goals, while raising much needed funds for Bone Marrow Failure research. 22 Aug - 2 Sept 2016


Maddie's MarrowThon
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We're calling on schools and students in years 5 to 8 to get involved in the 2016 Maddie's MarrowThon!

Students are invited to take part in the two-week MarrowThon by setting themselves a personal challenge. Whether it's a sports, arts, academic or wellbeing goal, Maddies's MarrowThon encourages students to be brave like Maddie and step outside their comfort zone. 

To support the challenges, schools will be provided with bone marrow and blood educational teaching modules, suitable for both junior and senior students. To register for Maddie's MarrowThon, students are invited to register through the Student section below and Teachers, Schools and Parents can also enquire through contact forms in their designated areas.




There are lots of fun ways get sponsored for your Challenge efforts! Here are some tips on how you, your family and school can help fundraise for Bone Marrow Failure research:

  • Invite family members to sponsor you. You can email or text them the link from your challenge profile!
  • Reach out to your neigbours by making flyers about what you're doing and why. Be sure to include a link to your fundraising page so they know where to donate.
  • Get your parents to send around your fundraising link to their friends or colleagues - and keep them updated through the challenge with photos.
  • Think about donating some of your own pocket money during the challenge.
  • Ask your class, local sports club or school if they'd like to run a cake or craft stall, with funds going to Maddie's Vision.
  • Create letters or flyers to give to people in your community that explain why you are doing your challenge, and that you want to help raise money for people with Bone Marrow Failure.
  • Write a letter to your school to encourage them to paticipate as well and perhaps present some information about Maddies's Vision and your challenge so other students can join you too!



Stuck for a Maddie's Marrowthon Challenge idea? No problem! We've put together some challenge suggestions for you below or you can visit each of our Ambassador's pages to get some inspiration! But remember, the aim of the MarrowThon is that you push yourself outside of your comfort zone so you can achieve something you're really proud of. Your challenge can be in drama, music, sports, spelling, reading or drawing - or something else! The choice is up to you!

  • Love swimming? Challenge yourself to an extra lap on top of your personal best every day for the full two-weeks!
  • Do you paint? Challenge yourself to learng a new painting technique or gift an artwork to someone different every single day for the two-weeks.
  • Training for a big race? Set out to run 200m to 1km every day of the MarrowThon!
  • Learning a language? Maybe you could learn a new Spanish/French/Mandarin word every day, and then recite all 14 new words to friends and family at the end of the challenge.
  • Set yourself a number of books to read through the challenge period.
  • Make your family dinner every night of the challenge to improve your cooking skills (be sure to promise to clean up afterwards!)
  • Practice a new dance move for the challenge, and perform it to friends or family on the final day!
  • Jump to improve your personal best in how much skipping you can do in one go!
  • Getting better at basketball? Beat your record in the number of hoops you can shoot during the two-week challenge or dribble non-stop for up to 30 mins!
  • Promise to help someone every day and make a list of your daily good deeds in your challenge profile.
  • Sing. Organise a choir to perform at your school assembly or in your home group.
  • Can you walk 10,000 steps every day? Record your efforts on a chart for the two-weeks of the challenge.


Every healthy body needs to be good at the core. The very centre, or core, of our bones is bone marrow and this important organ underpins our ability to produce blood cells, carry oxygen around our bodies and fight off disease. Maddie Riewoldt had a type of Bone Marrow Failure Syndrome (BMFS) called Aplastic Anemia. Her bone marrow didn't work the way it should. She was really tired, bruised easily and was more likely to get sick. Maddie lived for five years with BMFS but her fight, determination and courage has left a long and enduring legacy.


Our organisation, Maddie Riewoldt's Vision, has been created to support the understanding of Bone Marrow Failure Syndromes and to help those suffering from the disease and continue towards our ultimate goal - finding the cure. We use the money raised to support Australian researchers looking for better treatments.

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